Getting To Your Goals

Once you have set a goal you need a path to take you to it. This is where your task lists and your ‘trusted system’ come into play.

Without some tasks, some actions, we’ll never get to our goals. Goals don’t accomplish themselves. So for my cycling goal I have the following tasks:

  1. Get the bike out of the back of the shed.
  2. Service the bike.
  3. Find my riding gear (or buy new stuff).
  4. Devise a suitable route that’s going to give me my target 30 miles a week. This is probably 3 x 10 miles or maybe 2 x 15 miles.
  5. Start building up the mileage.

How will I ensure that these tasks get done? Put them into my trusted system. The ‘trusted system’ is whatever methodology you choose for managing your goals and your tasks provided you trust it completely. If you don’t trust it to give you the tasks as and when you need them it will never work for you; but will work against you instead. More about trusted systems and how I work mine in a later posting.

I know I’m not going to be able to get on my bike and just cycle 30 miles. In fact I’ll be lucky if I can cycle 300 yards (metres); but I know that if I can get to point 5 then the battle is half won. The other half is making it a habit.

2 thoughts on “Getting To Your Goals

  1. Will

    If you need help, I have a book I’m never going to read…
    “West cork Walks” by Kevin Corcoran (got it cheap) since i’ve moved huse far away from the west.

    Could you make use of it for your cycles (or even your walking goal)?

    If all else fails… cycle to the shops (or is that 30 miles?)

  2. David

    Thanks for the kind offer Will, I’ll buy it off you as I was considering getting it anyway.

    Could be most useful for both walking and cycling.

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