What can I tell you without this page tuning into yet another CV? OK, here’s a synopsis:

  • Born 1956
  • Grew up in Caterham, Surrey, UK
  • Went to St. John’s Primary School
  • Then to De Satfford Comprehensive
  • Got two A-Levels (Biology & Chemistry)
  • Went to UCNW Bangor to study Biochemistry and Soil Science
  • Dropped out in 1978
  • Spent 6 years working on pig farms in Surrey, Berkshire and Shropshire
  • Went on a retraining course in 1984 – “Computer Programming For Business”
  • Spent the next 32 years (and counting) working in the IT industry
  • Met my wife to be in 1996
  • Got married in 1997
  • Moved to Ireland in August 1999
  • Set up this blog in April 2007
  • Moved back to the UK in 2014
  • Moved to France in 2017

That’s about the sum of it so far, the rest is in the future and hasn’t happened yet (here anyway). Of course you can read more about things from today onwards in the blog itself so I’ll see you over there. Oh, almost forgot. I guess it’s relevant here to put in some of my likes, dislikes and interests. How long can a web page be? Likes & interests:

  • My wife and daughter(s)
  • Weather
  • Bird watching
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Web sites
  • Personal development
  • Buddhism


  • Anything disrespectful
  • Errr…..
  • That’s it
  • No it isn’t; bad customer service – I really dislike bad customer service.