The first step…

All journeys begin with a first step and so this is mine. As I’m writing this the first of my colleagues are preparing to leave the company for good as the site winds down. Some have been here for nearly 20 years. There’s much laughter; but underneath it I can feel the tension, uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

I myself don’t leave until the end of May. I shan’t be the last one out the door; but not far from it. Next week will be difficult as the building will seem so empty with half the staff gone. So the purpose of this blog is to chart the last two months of my time here and where I go from there. As the title says this is a personal journey. This is my opportunity to step out of my familiar cozy surroundings and experience things from another perspective. While I’m on my way I’ll most certainly post up things that annoy me and things that delight me (hopefully more of the latter).

So there it is; my right foot planted firmly in front of my left foot and I’m on my way. Here’s to a safe journey.



One thought on “The first step…

  1. Leo

    Good luck, David! I know that this can be a scary and yet exciting thing, the first step of a great journey.

    Thanks for putting Zen Habits on your blogroll, and I wish you all the success in the world.

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