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This posting is about 2 weeks overdue; but as I didn’t have a blog 2 weeks ago you’ll have to excuse the lateness of this report. However I’m posting it because it was the ShareIT event arranged by Damien Mulley that inspired me to start this blog.

The ShareIT day at UCC was aimed at people interested in starting a business in the IT industry; but really the presentations could apply to virtually any start-up. You can find full details of the presenters and their material on Damien’s site so I’ll not repeat that here. However I will say that one of the points that most of the presenters put across was the importance of blogging to increase your (my) presence on the web. So here we are!

There’s to be another ShareIT day in Dublin on Saturday 28th April. Like the Cork date the day will be free of charge (don’t make me out to be a liar here Damien) and will be fantastic value to anyone with even half an notion that they might want to set up a business for themselves.

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