Loosing Weight – Reviewed.

Thumbnail of my goal review card.
I set my weight loss goal on 25th April and it’s now mid-June so it’s definitely time for a review. I had a fairly major life change at the end of May when I was made redundant. So another reason to take stock and review.

I followed my goal review method and above is the resulting map (please click the thumbnail for a larger view). From this you can see that:

  1. Relevance is still very high – loosing the weight is still very important to me
  2. But that the walking goal I set for the month of May didn’t pan out as expected. The feedback here is that:
    1. Things started well for the first week or so
    2. Then I got ill with a stomach bug
    3. For the latter half of the month the redundancy proceedings took over and completely threw out any sort of routine

    It boils down to the fact that I found it impossible to establish the new walking habit at lunchtime because I needed to be more flexible at that time. I could have done it; but I chose not to!

  3. Any new sub-goals to contribute to my weight loss goal?
    1. I can cycle instead of walk. I’ve always enjoyed cycling and used to cycle a lot in my thirties. This needs a new goal set with targets. I’ve much more motivation to cycle than walk, and I’ve a new bike!
    2. Do the ‘I Can Make You Thin’ 90 day challenge. This is a book (and a TV series) from Paul McKenna. I followed the TV series and I believe the challenge is based on some sound principles. This too needs a SMART goal that I started to sketch out on my review card.
  4. Finally, Next Actions! What am I going to do next to kick start the weight loss goal again?
    • Set a SMART cycling goal with weekly targets, making it very easy to start so that I can establish the habit.
    • Set the 90 day challenge and follow through the work book.

I’ll be following up on these new goals in a latter posting.

By the way, I have lost some weight! I lost 5 pounds during my stomach upset and, at the last weighing, I’d kept them off!