Certain Beliefs

As we go through life we can develop certain beliefs about ourselves that contribute to the image we have of ourselves. Often these are negative or constraining beliefs that might be based on a single incident in our childhood and yet we continue to believe these things are us. These are our limiting beliefs.

Our limiting beliefs hold us back from achieving our full potential because we believe them to be true. Examples of limiting beliefs might be; I can’t remember peoples names or; I’m no good a spelling. So we don’t engage with people because think we won’t remember their names, or we don’t write because we think we can’t spell.

Here’s an exercise; list down ten things you believe about yourself that are limiting your potential. If you can’t think of ten that’s OK, just list as many as you can.

Now take the three that you feel are having the most impact on your life and write these down separately. Here’s three from my own stable of limiting beliefs:

  1. I can’t remember things in exams, I go to pieces
  2. I am a poor presenter
  3. I am an introverted person

Got three for yourself? Good.

Now for each of your limiting beliefs write the most positive, affirming statement that you can devise. Again here are my three:

  1. When taking exams I remain calm and in control and the information I need flows into me
  2. I am an excellent presenter and an accomplished public speaker. When presenting I find the information I need comes to me when I need it.
  3. I am an outgoing person who mixes well with other people.

Finally take a separate card and write out your new beliefs. Place the card where you’ll see it several times a day and when you do say the affirmations to yourself. Say them over and over again and you will come to believe them. The process isn’t instantaneous, after all it took some time for the original limiting belief to become ingrained and so it will take some time for the new belief to take root; but stick at it because they will become your new reality.