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This is Bentley, a lovely horse at the La Foursou where we stayed at the beginning of the month. Digital oil using the ArtRage app on my ASUS tablet, mainly digital pallete knife over a thinned oil background.

Bentley, digital oils using ArtRage app

Bentley, digital oils using ArtRage app

Tulips Still Life

I’ve been doing some digital painting recently and this is the first one I’m sharing on the blog, though many have featured on Facebook over the past few months. The emphasis is turning more to blogging, now that Facebook controls who sees what and is overburdened with advertisements and rubbish.

Here’s today’s painting. It’s a still life of some tulips that featured as part of this weekends drawing event on It’s painted using the ArtRage app on my Android tablet using oil brushes.

Digital oils using ArtRage app on Android tablet

Digital oils using ArtRage app on Android tablet

Photo Blogging

This weekend I’ve create a Photo Blog for myself using the excellent Pixel Post tool. Most of my photographs are more snaps than art work; but they represent things going on around me and so I think they’re fair game for a blog. I’ve posted a few pictures from the past 12 months for a starter.

Unfortunately the comments section of the photo blog doesn’t work reliably if you’re using Firefox and I’m currently trying to get a fix for this issue. If you’re using one of the other browsers then I’d be delighted to read your views.

Update: The Firefox issue seems to be peculiar to my personal set-up and may be related to the Firebug add-on that I’m using. However other users of Firebug have reported no problems. Hopefully it works for you.