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The Journal is an excellent tool for recording just about anything you might want to refer to in the future. Use it as a traditional journal or to keep notes, recipes, addresses, anything. Then find the information using comprehensive tagging or search facilities. A very versatile tool.

Review of The Journal
Rated as 5/5 on May 12 2007 by David Hollingworth


I’ve been using The Journal from DavidRM Software for many years, so many years ago that I can’t recall the original reason for downloading it. Since then it’s become a true companion with a wide variety of uses.

The Journal has two main layouts. Firstly there’s the traditional calendar based journal which you can configure to create entries as page per day, a page per week, a page per month or, in fact, just about any date range you can think of.

For example one of my main uses for The Journal is as a weather almanac. In here I have three calendar journal categories. First journal has daily entries as a brief summary of the weather each day. Secondly I have a weekly category that has one entry for every week starting on a Saturday. Finally I have a category for the monthly climate reports that creates an entry on the first of every month.

As well as the calendar based entries The Journal also has looseleaf entries that can be used for general note taking or, in fact, to record any information that isn’t particularly date related. These entries can also have sub-entries to create a nested structure for organizing your information.

The Journal comes with a host of additional features. These include:

  • Stop watch & count down timer for timed writing exercises
  • Colour coded ‘topics’ for categorizing and filtering information
  • Posting direct from The Journal to a number of popular blog engines
  • Full rich text entry into the journal with ability to create your own format styles
  • Spell checker and thesaurus
  • Full search capabilities
  • Set events, tasks, appointments in the calendar and get pop up reminders

The list is pretty much endless so I suggest you go try The Journal for yourself. You get a huge 45 day trial period and the eventual purchase cost is very low.

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