My Tool Box

One of the recurring themes of this blogs is going to be about productivity tools. What I find useful and why and what I don’t use and why. For me productivity is part tool and part method – tools are great but you’ve gotta know how to use them!

So what’s in the tool box this week? One of my favorites is Google Reader. I’ve tried a few feed readers over the last couple of years including:

OK, not a huge list, I’ll give you that. However none of these readers have inspired me enough to persist with feed reading like Google Reader has.

What do I like about it? One of its big pluses is that it’s right there in my browser – no need to launch another application. Also its simplicity of design and execution have made it very user friendly (to this user at any rate).

So that’s my number one tool for the moment and using it I’m discovering a huge amount about productivity, happiness and getting things done. If you think Google Reader sucks or if you have a strong leaning in another direction then share your preferences here.